Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Practice

Published September 2009, last updated April 2010

Name of Program

Type of Graduation

Language of instruction

The Masters of Laws (LL.M.)
in International Legal Practice

LL.M. + Business Certificate

English/ bilingual (english-spanish)


Program Structure

The Launch Pre-program initiates both course options, and is used to prepare students for the challenges presented during the program and to introduce them to the soft skills (such as communication, leadership, and intercultural understanding) necessary for success in their professional careers. It also enables students to familiarize themselves with the Online Campus - IE’s digital platform-that will be used throughout the program.

The English alternative also offers an internship at a law firm during this pre-program period, so that participants may gather some additional hands-on experience before the program itself begins.

Following this, in term one, students start by covering the fundamental concepts of International Legal Practice, analyzing European and Spanish law, common law systems, arbitration, intellectual property, and contracts. The MBA Module also begins in this first term, giving students the chance to combine a legal education with business classes in economics and accounting.

The second period introduces courses in international law, competition law, banking law, negotiation, with the MBA Module continuing to hone their soft and general business skills.

The third period is divided into three parts: core courses, the Seminar on International Relations, and an Electives Period. The core classes focus on international transactions, ranging from mergers and acquisitions to international taxation and securities law, whilst the elective period offers students the chance to personalize their studies in whichever field they wish.

MBA Module

The MBA Module, which forms an integral part of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Practice, includes courses usually taught as part of a graduate business program including: Economics, Accounting, Strategic Management, Financial Management, and Negotiation.

The objective is to provide students with a broad knowledge of the fundamentals of business management and strategy, so that they will be better able to meet the needs of their future clients in business-related matters.

Therefore, students of this program receive not only an LLM from IE Law School but a Business Certificate from IE Business School.

European Module

Throughout the academic year students will experience European Union law in a pro-active and contextualized environment from the world renowned Total Law Team, composed by Joseph Weiler (Hauser Professor of Law and Jean Monnet Chair at New York University), Miguel Poiares Maduro (Advocate General of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg), Kieran St. C. Bradley (Head of Unit in the European Parliament Legal Service), Imola Streho (Professor at Sciences Po, Paris), and Damian Chalmers (Professor of EU law at the London School of Economics and Political Science).

During the first, second, and third periods students will learn about the law of the European Union from both an academic and practical approach giving them a very unique perspective on the practice of law in Europe.

Seminar on International Relations

Once the regular courses are completed students partake in the Seminar on International Relations. This one-week long series of lectures by renowned international figures in the fields of diplomacy, international relations and politics adds depth to the course. The topics covered in these, though not specifically legal, will all affect the economic, business and cultural environment in which the international lawyer must work.

Electives Period

The third trimester concludes with an Electives Period, in which students choose from the courses on offer in both English and Spanish. Among those offered in the past are International Business Transactions, Contract Drafting, Joint Ventures, and International Trade Law.

LL.M. Thesis and Oral Defense

Students in the English version of the program are required to complete a thesis under faculty supervision. This year-long project includes development of a research proposal, writing of a thesis and an oral presentation before a faculty panel.


The IE Case Method used in the Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Practice is probably unlike anything students have experienced before in a law classroom. Instead of listening passively to lectures, students will be faced with more than 500 case studies over the duration of the program, each one of which requires students and their team to solve a range of legal and business problems and then draft the documents needed to achieve the objectives of their hypothetical client.

The IE Case Method is designed to replicate some three years of professional practice in just 10 intensive months. In most cases, the case problems are inspired by the professional experience of our faculty.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Practice bridges the gap between legal and business studies, providing the highest of legal educations as well as nurturing the transferable skills essential to success in the business world. With more than 80 nationalities represented on campus, students also gain the international perspective only available through study in a culturally diverse environment such as that at IE.


- First degree in law (LLB or equivalent)
- Application form + 2 letters of recommendation + 3 essays
- IE Admission Test or LSAT, GRE or GMAT
- Personal Interview
- Students whose native language is not English must submit a TOEFL score (260) or an equivalent certificate.

Contact Address

Name: Admissions Department
Phone: +34 915 689 610
Fax: +34 915 689 710

Maria de Molina 11, 13, 15
28006 Madrid, Spain


- First degree in law (LLB or equivalent)
- Application form + 2 letters of recommendation + 3 essays
- IE Admission Test or LSAT, GRE or GMAT
- Personal Interview
- Students whose native language is not English must submit a TOEFL score (260) or an equivalent certificate.

Application Process

1. Application Form

This form provides the Admissions Committee with fundamental information when it comes to evaluating each application. It is therefore essential that detailed information is provided on relevant academic and professional achievements, together with aspirations, motivations and concerns that could play a role in your admission.

The application form is available online.

2. LSAT, GMAT or IE Admissions Test

We require a valid LSAT, GMAT or IE Admissions Test score.

3. Interview

Having evaluated the application form and additional documentation, the Admissions Committee may invite you to attend an interview.

The interview has a dual purpose: first, to examine in greater detail the data provided in the application on academic and professional background and motivation; and second, to ascertain that your profile will stand you in good stead for the structure and demands of the program.

4. The Admissions Committee’s Decision

Following the interview, your application will be subject to a final analysis by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will evaluate all aspects of your candidature as a whole and will subsequently communicate its decision in writing to you.

Participants profile

The Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Practice students come from a variety of backgrounds.

Candidates are all expected to have at least a first degree in law (LLB or equivalent).

Average Age: 24-28 yrs

Male / female ratio: 1:1

Over 74% international students, countries represented include:

D. Republic

Costa Rica
United States
South Korea

Application Dates

IE operates a rolling admissions process. We therefore do not have any deadlines for receiving applications. However, we recommend that candidates apply up to a year in advance in order to guarantee themselves a place on the program of their choice.

Tuition / Fees

€ 29,000 plus € 1,100

Duration of study

The Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Practice lasts 10 months.

Financial Aid

There are many scholarships available to students studying at IE as well as other financial aid options, for more information please consult IE’s website.



Career Perspective

IE Law School's graduates are in great demand by some of the world's strongest multinationals, cutting edge start-ups, consulting firms, financial institutions and many NGOs and not-for-profit organizations.

Over the past three decades, many of IE Law School's graduates have gone on to assume top positions in some of the world's most important corporations while others have established new enterprises, opened new markets and generated collective wealth in their communities.

We help students to fully exploit the skills gained in our course and rise to the challenges they will face in the labor market. We also provide them with all the information they need on the different professional options open to them on completion of the LL.M. program.

Program Emphasis

The mission of IE Law School is to train lawyers to successfully meet the challenges of the global economy and to responsibly lead the transformation of law and the legal profession.

IE Law School is a vibrant community committed to the generation of knowledge of the law in corporate, economic, and social contexts. Our Law (LL.M.) and Executive Education Master programs already enjoy international renown within the field of corporate law, thanks to their novel approaches to the legal problems presented by globalization and to their clinical and active learning methodology. In our lectures, attended this year by representatives of 31 different nationalities, students learn to solve increasingly complex problems and gain deep exposure to the practical application of the law within different legal systems, as well as to corporate decision-making processes, under the supervision of the best lecturers and professionals. With 35 years experience as part of IE Business School, the Law School programs continue to include subjects more traditionally found in business administration degrees, that we consider essential in understanding the world of international business and its main players.

Partner Universities

NorthwesternUniversity School of Law
William & Mary School of Law
National University of Singapore
Fundaçao Getulio Vargas


A large number of businesses, consulting firms and headhunters look to IE Law School year after year in their search for top professionals, attracted by the quality of our students and alumni. Our Careers Management Center handles 3,500 job offers each year as well as organizing many activities designed to further increase the career prospects of IE graduates.

From the moment students start their master program they will have access to the Careers Management Center website. Here students can find all the information they need on how the Center works, along with the different activities designed to help students find a position and/or improve their current work situation. We also provide additional focused information related to the search for work.

In addition to organizing job fairs the Careers Management Center offers students the opportunity to participate in employment fairs and field trips to leading firms, keeping them informed on the different employment fairs that take place around the world, and helping to organize trips to attend this type of event in groups or individually whether they be local or abroad.

The Careers Management Center also organizes presentations by leading firms, aimed at catering for the needs of both students and recruiters, thus allowing students and firms to establish professional relationships that actively promote mutual knowledge and assist both parties in the recruitment process.