Law School Admissions

Applying to law school can be a long, complex, and oftentimes difficult endeavor. Below, you will find links to various sets of articles which will help you navigate this challenging and exciting process! In addition, you can go to our Law School Admissions forum to receive additional help from current law students and graduates.

  • Pre-Law
    Before applying, learn more about law school and get a sense of whether or not the pursuit of a legal education is the right path for you.
  • Law School Admissions Articles
    Once you have decided to apply, these articles can help guide you through many facets of the application process, from letters of recommendation to resume-writing.
  • Personal Statements
    Consult TLS' extensive personal statement resources to learn how to craft the best possible essays for your law school applications.
  • LSAT Preparation
    Explore Top-Law-School's ever-expanding catalog of free LSAT preparation advice.
  • Dean Interviews
    These exclusive interviews with Deans and Administrators from dozens of law schools will help give applicants valuable insight from the very people making admissions decisions at many top law schools.
  • Top Law Schools Book Reviews
    TLS readers submit their own reviews of books published for law school applicants and law students.
  • TLS Guide to LRAP (Loan Repayment Assistance Programs)
    Many top law schools boast programs which help graduates repay their sizable law school loans; explore some of these options here.
  • TLS Directory of U.S. Law Schools
    Explore our thorough state-by-state directory of law school programs in the United States.
  • TLS Stats
    These detailed statistics, based on the experiences of TLS users, illustrate some of the numerical criteria used by law schools to accept, deny and waitlist applicants.