Law School Students

This page is a gateway for TLS content aimed at current law students. Whether amongst the busy Top Law Schools forums or through the many articles written by law students for TLS, everyone will find something to learn -- or share -- here. You can also go to the main forum for current law students here.

  • Discussion Forums for Classes of 2022, 2023 and 2024
  • "Discuss Your School" Forum
    This forum allows current and future law students to discuss various law schools.
  • "Financial Aid" Forum
    Discuss student loans, need- and merit-based scholarships, and other financial aid matters.
  • "Transfer" Forum
    A forum specifically for students attempting to transfer to a different law school.
  • "Employment" Forum
    In this special forum, you can share your employment experiences and learn from the experiences of others.
  • Articles for Students
    These articles are directed at students who are currently attending law school and offer advice on a variety of topics, from student loans to successful exam-taking.
  • TLS Interview with Walter F. Mondale
    Walter F. Mondale (University of Minnesota Law School ’56), the 42nd Vice President of the United States, served under Jimmy Carter from 1976-1980.