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How do I create a TLS wiki account?

First you need to create a TLS forum account, then you login to your forum account and visit to get your authorization code which you will use here.

Are my forum and wiki account connected?

The forum and wiki accounts are separate logins. If you pick your wiki username to be the same as your forum username then everyone can see the association between your forum and wiki accounts. However, if you pick a wiki username that is different from your forum username then only the moderators will be able to see the association between your forum and wiki accounts.

How do I edit a page?

On most pages such as each of the law school profiles, you will see edit links on the page when you are logged into the wiki. The edit links by each section are a convenient way to edit something in a particular section. If you want to edit content in multiple sections at once or you want to edit the section headings themselves, then you want to click the edit link found at the top of the page that you want to edit. The editing toolbar that shows up after you click to edit a page has a useful "Help" feature that can answer many of the basic editing questions.

How do I add a photo to a page?

When you are logged into the TLS wiki you should see an "Upload file" link in the left navigation under "tools". You can upload an image through that link and then you can insert the image when you are editing a page by clicking the "Embedded file" icon in your editing toolbar.

Where can I get help?

One way get familiar with the TLS wiki system is to check out the TLS wiki help video that shows the making of a mock law school profile for the The Help U. Learn School of Wiki. The TLS wiki forum may also be a good place to get help especially if you are already familiar with the way the forum works. You are also welcome to send a question through the contact link found in the footer of almost every page on the site.