Pre-Law Advice

Gaining entry into law school, especially a top law school, is a long and challenging process for even the most outstanding students. These articles will help you get a sense what's in store, how you should prepare, and whether law school is the right path for you.

  • Is Law School for You?
    Before you leap into the application process, take a step back, read this article, and consider whether or not law school is right for you.

  • The Rational Approach to Choosing Law School: an Economic Perspective
    Are your law school ambitions financially movitaved? Make sure that the significant investment in a law degree is really worth it.

  • The Application Process: How To Start Planning
    The road to law school truly starts with your application. Here are the tips you'll want to know about preparing your best face for the admissions committees.

  • The Waiting Game
    After your applications are in, you'll be ready to hear the words ''admit,'' ''deny,'' or ''wait-list.'' Read inside for what each means and what comes after you receive a decision.

  • What is Law School Like?
    After your applications have been sent in and your decisions made, what awaits you once you take your first step in through those doors?

  • Applications Rejected?
    Some applicants strike out. Should you re-apply or perhaps consider a different career path?