Environmental Law Schools

Published October 2006, last updated April 2010      

The law school ratings below are a composite of the few national law school rankings for environmental law schools. Note that all law school ratings are subjective and subject to change, so heavily research each school you are considering to find the best choice for your own individual interests.

Top 10 law schools for environmental law schools:

1. Vermont Law School
2. Lewis and Clark Law School
3. Pace University Law School (NY)
4. University of Maryland Law School
5. Georgetown University Law School
6. New York University Law School
7. University of California–Berkeley (Boalt Law)
8. Stanford University Law School
9. George Washington Law School
10. Yale Law School

Top 20 law schools – environmental law schools

11. Columbia Law School
11. University of Colorado Law School
12. Tulane Law School
13. University of Texas Law School
14. University of Oregon Law School
15. University of Washington Law School
16. Harvard Law School
17. Boston College Law School
18. Duke University Law School
19. University of Utah Law School
20. Florida State University Law School