Acknowledgements: TLS Guide to Personal Statements

Published November 2009

The authors would like to express their immense gratitude to the applicants, law students, and lawyers who made this book possible by sharing their personal statements and their experience with law school admissions. We were helped enormously by deans willing to share their knowledge and insights into the process of applying to law school. All of the quotes by deans and admissions officers at various law schools may be found in interviews exclusive to

We would like to extend our thanks to those who helped write and edit sections of this book, including Lee Konstantinou, Jolene Hubbs, Kimberly Chin, and Zareef J. N. Ahmed. Many of the forum participants kindly allowed us to publish their various supplementary materials, including Why Penn? and Why Michigan? essays, Yale 250s, letters of diversity, and LOCI’s. The authors familiarized themselves with the more than fifteen books about law school personal statements currently on the market, as well as related books that are out of print, and they would like to gratefully acknowledge any unconscious debt to this superb store of composition advice.


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