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Columbia Law School early decision?

Post by juniperblue » Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:41 pm

I'm thinking of applying early decision to CLS, but I'd like some insight before I take the leap.

1) What is the typical student at Columbia? How would one describe the culture at Columbia? Which fields of law are the most popular? Is the school more public-interest geared or or more corporate law geared? What kind of professions do most ppl go into straight out of CLS? What type of summer work do students do? Is CLS good at hooking people up with good summer jobs, or are you kind of left to fend for yourself?
2) Is student life at CLS vibrant? Are there extracurricular activities? Is it easy to get involved in different clinics?
3) I've heard about the feared Socratic Method that Harvard is known for using...does CLS use it too? Do professors have a vested interest in your education there?
4) I'm interested in also getting a masters in either economics or education supportive is CLS in terms of getting dual degrees? Do you have to apply when you're applying for CLS, or can you apply after you're already there?

I realize these are pretty broad questions, but if anyone could provide me some insight into any of these, that would be so amazing. Thanks so much, any input from you would be much appreciated :)


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Re: Columbia Law School early decision?

Post by bhan87 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:45 pm

There are a lot of threads that answer these questions. Two to get you started: ... 4&t=131285 ... 2&t=157320

Also, you should take a look at TLS's profile on CLS:

It's not as detailed as some other profiles, but there's some useful information.

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