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171 LSAT 3.76/4 GPA/International/What are my chances at T-14?

Post by apacheattackcopter » Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:15 pm

Hi! I am a Canadian student who attended McGill University and graduated as an economics major. I scored a 171 on the LSAT [I'm scheduled to take another test in October :cry: ] and attained a 3.76 GPA as an undergrad. For my last two and a half years, I mostly had 4.0 GPAs in each semester. I have a few years of volunteer experience as a math tutor for Kenyan students and have work experience in investment management and real estate development (RE is the legal field I am hoping to pursue). I am also going into the Israeli military as a paratrooper in December and have four years of volunteer experience.

Given this background, what are my chances at T-14 schools in the US (and University of Toronto if there are any Canadians on this forum)? I am currently most interested in Columbia, U of Chicago, Stanford, Harvard, U Penn, and NYU but I'm looking at other US schools as well. Are my stats strong enough for the schools listed above?


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Re: 171 LSAT 3.76/4 GPA/International/What are my chances at T-14?

Post by talons2250 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:50 pm

With your current stats, rejected Harvard and Stanford, wait-listed at Columbia and Chicago, and accepted at NYU and Penn. (I have no idea about Toronto.) But these things are unpredictable (people get accepted at Harvard and rejected by Columbia, accepted at Chicago and waitlisted at NYU, etc.), so just apply and see what happens. Taking the LSAT again is definitely worthwhile. In the 170-175 range, every point counts and could be the make or break. Your UGPA is below median (but definitely not so low as to be a deal-breaker) for the entire T14 so you'll want to be above median with your LSAT.

Here's a good resource: https://7sage.com/top-law-school-admissions/. If you're in the 25th to 75th percentile in UGPA and LSAT for a school's latest entering class, then you'll probably get in (unless we're talking about Yale or Stanford, which reject high-number applicants with significant frequency).

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