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URM Hispanic splitter (3.49 GPA/179 LSAT)

Post by MrClean26 » Mon Sep 12, 2022 5:58 pm

Chances for scholarship money at T14? What about acceptances at one of HYS? (Hey, a girl can dream)

My extracurriculars are not super impressive, but I have decent work experience and I'm feeling confident about my personal statement.


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Re: URM Hispanic splitter (3.49 GPA/179 LSAT)

Post by talons2250 » Mon Sep 12, 2022 11:59 pm

Congratulations on your extraordinary LSAT score!

I assume you aren't of Afro-Latinx ancestry, or else you would have said that.

In which case, accepted everywhere except possibly Yale and Stanford. Modest scholarships (quarter to half rides) at lower T14s.

You should seriously consider applying to one of the full-ride named scholarships at NYU (AnBryce, Root, etc.). You'd probably be competitive. You have to fill out a separate thing though along with your application.

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