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Chance me:169/terrible GPA/international student/n-urm

Post by wtyman » Fri Sep 03, 2021 4:52 am

I majored in finance and got 2.9/4. Now I am studying law as my minor /second major and got 3.91/4. My current program only has ten-ish courses so I guess that still makes me a splitter. I've got 169 in the April LSAT-flex and several good LORs. Do I have a chance at T-20 schools like WashU/UT? Planning on an ED to WashU. How about T-30 schools like UMN/Emory/GW?
2021 cycle is brutal, and I’m worried this coming cycle won’t be any easier. Any suggestions will be of great help. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Chance me:169/terrible GPA/international student/n-urm

Post by crazywafflez » Sat Sep 04, 2021 10:38 pm

Is your GPA from an international school? If so, it won't count (they'll just give you a rating of superior, above average, average, or below average). I'm not sure what your GPA will be, but I'd toss an ED to NW and take your shot. I wouldn't ED to WashU or UT unless they come with scholarships.
Are you an American? If so, go to any T1 school that gives you a substantial scholarship in the region you want to practice (you want Tennessee, go to UTk over higher ranked Bama- nobody in TN cares that Bama, ASU or UNC are ranked higher than it, they are gonna hire UTk grads). If you go to a T20 school, you'll have a wider net to cast rather than just the state where your school is. Vandy for the South, UCLA Cali, UT for TX; others like USC, WashU, ND and to an extent BU/BC, also do very well in their areas.
UMN, Emory, GW are no better than Fordham, UNC, Bama, UTk, ASU, Davis, Indiana, Wisconsin, etc- they do fine for their state or immediate areas (while it is true that the top of their class may place in NY or DC biglaw, the vast majority of UMN folks stay in Minn/StPaul). So go where you want to practice for the cheapest possible. Want Mississippi? Ole Miss is a much better option than GW. New Mexico? New Mexico is the choice over Davis. However, if biglaw is your goal you really need to go to a T14 (plus UT, UCLA, and Vandy).
If you aren't American, and want to stay in the US, you need to go to a T14 so you can secure biglaw and get a visa. Going to any school that isn't a T20 isn't really worth it for you- unless you can go for free and folks back in your home country have heard of Arizona State or Emory etc and actually care about them.

Now that I've got those caveats/explanations out of the way (which, btw, I'm sorry if you already know all of that and/or don't care), i'll try and give you my best guesses.
If you went to American schools, they'll average your GPA (so, roughly, you are looking at a 3.4? I think? I'm piss at maths- or they may just take your GPA from your first degree).
2.9/169= Out at the T20. In at most T1s (scholarships will be a wildcard).
3.4/169= T14 waitlists, maybe an acceptance to Gtown if you have some aces up your sleeves (wouldnt' go to gtown for sticker unless I was an international student needing a visa). T20s, probs same results- you may get a snag at UT/Vandy/UCLA but I wouldn't count on it and it'll be sticker. I think you'll have a much better shot at WashU/USC (albeit, most likely no money or limited; in which case I wouldnt' go). BC/BU/ND on down you should get in and see money- and if you don't need a visa these are great options. Everything after those are peers from rank 20-65 or so, so just go to UMN on a fullride if you want to practice there. I took this route instead of the sticker at a T20 and am (mostly) thankful that I did. A number of my friends and peers took out outrageous amounts of money to go to schools like Emory, and even WashU, and didn't secure biglaw and are really hurting.
Best of luck.


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Re: Chance me:169/terrible GPA/international student/n-urm

Post by Access » Sun Sep 05, 2021 12:31 am

What's your LSAC GPA? Can't really answer without that info. If you won't have one bc intl, then yes, you have a chance, esp as WashU. You won't be a splitter anymore. Even if you're a splitter, that's a decent LSAT and some decent school might want you for their stats.

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