3.81 GPA/177 LSAT

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3.81 GPA/177 LSAT

Post by yorkville » Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:52 am

I am currently not applying to law school as I will be abroad until next summer at least while my husband finishes up a work contract.

Most interested in applying to NYU, Columbia (top choice), Penn, Chicago, and--possibly?--Harvard? Are there any other places I should look at applying?

About me:
  • I'm kinda risk averse. Would like to have the least debt possible.
  • Definitely would be interested in scholarships.
  • By the time I apply I will have completed my Master's here (Comparative Law, Economics, and Finance). It has a very strong migrant law clinic which I am excited about and can use for my PS.
  • My softs are not really that compelling. I used to work as a translator so I speak five languages fluently (it sounds cooler than it is, trust me), and I currently own a boutique consulting firm in a niche, legal-adjacent industry.
Red flags:
  • I've been to a number of undergraduate institutions since I moved abroad as a youngin'.
  • I'm a non-trad student. Will be 32 when I apply.
  • I've faced a degree of adversity and as a result had an ABYSMAL semester or two during my first go in undergrad. My mom was dying of cancer and I just didn't care about school :cry:

I would LOVE to go to Yale but realize it's a pipe dream. I mean... if I could retake and get a 180 would it be possible? lol :mrgreen: :roll:

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Re: 3.81 GPA/177 LSAT

Post by RunnerRunner » Fri Sep 04, 2020 10:20 am

I think you're in at Columbia/NYU, with some kind of scholarship money. I also think you have a strong shot at Penn., Chicago, and Harvard. You don't need to retake to have a shot at Yale: you're already above their 75th percentile on the LSAT. Obviously your GPA being below their 25th will hurt your chances. But people get into Yale with your numbers, and it is much better to be high-LSAT/low-GPA than vice versa. Y is never guaranteed, but you should take your application there seriously, it's certainly not impossible with your stats. Focus on submitting the best application you can and cross your fingers.

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