3.4/167 Chances

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3.4/167 Chances

Post by MichiganHoosier » Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:54 pm

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I finally was able to take the LSAT and I scored a 167.

Having a 3.4, I’m not necessarily where I want to be. I’m signed up for the August LSAT in hopes of reaching a 170. If I am not able to score higher on the next LSAT, realistically where should I be applying / targeting? I'm geographically flexible and with a 167 I'll be happy to get into the best school I can. Uncle Sam will be funding my law school, so I am not opposed to throw an ED application in somewhere.

Background: Army Officer with 6 years in. I’ve worked some interesting jobs with a few years spent between Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria (currently enjoying the 125 degree heat).

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