2.7/174 Non-URM Where should I aim for

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2.7/174 Non-URM Where should I aim for

Post by surfer000100 » Sun Jul 19, 2020 5:10 am

2.7 GPA State school. Philosophy major.
Taking LSAT in late August. Testing around 176 consistently with a month and a half left to prepare. Using 174 as a low ball estimate.

In high school I did national circuit debate tournaments and served as team captain. Coached for three years after graduation. Transitioned to collegiate policy debate and was ranked in the top 100 despite institutional disadvantages. After 2 years I moved to British Parliamentary debate and won awards at national tournaments narrowly missing elim rounds at nationals. Quit debate due to conflicting beliefs with a new head coach. The reason being that the community culture did not prepare participants to critically evaluate arguments and created a race to the left enforced by community and judging backlash if participants deviated from accepted norms.
Interned for my representative in the state legislature.
Low GPA is a result of over prioritizing debate as a competitive outlet after a heavy personal loss. GPA plummeted for a year after ending a 2 year relationship and quitting debate. Since these issues occurred I have steadily improved my GPA from a sub 2.0 with a strong upward trend starting around 3.0 average per semester to a now 4.0 avg semester.

Where should I look to apply and how do I present my circumstances in a way that best communicates personal growth?

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Re: 2.7/174 Non-URM Where should I aim for

Post by cavalier1138 » Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:05 am

Until you have an LSAT, this is all moot, but if you get in the mid-170s, you'll want to focus on splitter-friendly schools in the T13. That said, where you focus your applications should be based on what you want to do with your degree.

In terms of presenting your circumstances to the adcomms, I wouldn't bother trying to frame anything. You prioritized other things over your GPA, and then you didn't. That's not an uncommon story, and there are no extenuating circumstances. The best thing you can do for your applications is to not go straight through; work experience is the only thing proven to ameliorate sub-par GPAs (and it's generally a good idea to get some life experience before law school anyway).

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