ED to Columbia??

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Re: ED to Columbia??

Post by BrainsyK » Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:14 am

I'll say yes, and leave everyone else to say no.


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Re: ED to Columbia??

Post by decimalsanddollars » Mon Jul 13, 2020 10:25 am

I generally recommend against applying ED because (1) it forecloses other options which could be a better deal, and (2) it rarely increases your chances by much. For you, though, it sounds like you really want to go to Columbia specifically and have numbers where it wouldn't be a slam-dunk RD application. If you're not very cost-sensitive and really want to go to CLS, I say apply ED. I think you're right that your chances at HLS aren't awesome, but if you want to take the long shot at HLS, you can just apply to both RD and also blanket the T14, likely giving you other very good options.

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Re: ED to Columbia??

Post by cavalier1138 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:04 am

Why do you assume you have a higher chance at getting into Columbia by applying ED?

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Re: ED to Columbia??

Post by Dcc617 » Tue Jul 14, 2020 11:41 pm

Also why are you so quick to ignore scholarship considerations? How much you pay for law school will have as much of an impact on your life as where you go. Unless your family is super wealthy where they won't notice dropping $100K a year, then COA should be at the front of your mind.

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