Georgetown J.D./M.S.F.S Duel Degree?

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Georgetown J.D./M.S.F.S Duel Degree?

Post by bnmnmrl » Mon Apr 20, 2020 10:44 pm

Looking for some insight into my odds of being accepted into Georgetown's J.D./M.S.F.S. duel degree program in the future.

My background:

- Undergrad completed at UCLA class of 2019, Cum GPA: 3.33, Major: History Minor: Entrepreneurship. I was a UCLA Transfer and got a higher GPA in community college (3.59) but averaged it with my UCLA GPA (3.086). I realize this isn't great and I was immature but I'm growing up now and have big goals

- 23 years old as of writing this, but I am joining the Navy and will be a Navy Commissioned Officer for the next 4 years at least

^ the above is completed, the bellow are my goals for the next 4-5 years:

- Complete USC's M.P.A. program during active duty military service

- Score at or above 170 on LSAT

- Receive exemplary letters of recommendation from military personnel, UCLA professors, and USC professors

- Complete certifications on the subjects of business administration and international relations from accredited universities on online learning platforms during active duty

- Find any way to expand my resume by partaking in public service extracurricular activities if my already incredibly demanding schedule allows any opportunity.

I know the answer to this will be total conjecture, so please don't point out the obvious. I'm looking for friendly advice from current law students, assuming the above information will be correct upon applying and knowing the rigor/ prestige of Georgetown's M.S.F.S. and their J.D.

I know I am a splitter and my odds of prestigious law school admission will be largely hinged on my LSAT and building a well-rounded application highlighting relevant work experience.

Assuming I fulfill these goals and uphold this background, applying in about 4-5 years from now, what are the odds? Does the lower-than-average GPA completely ruin my chances of the M.S.F.S. program? Also considering Georgetown's M.B.A/J.D., if anyone has any insight to that as well.

Thank you:)


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Re: Georgetown J.D./M.S.F.S Duel Degree?

Post by dvlthndr » Tue Apr 21, 2020 3:05 am

Dual degree programs usually require you to be admitted to both of the underlying programs. So for a joint JD/MSFS program, that means that you need the LSAT/GPA to get into the JD program; and also have the GRE/GPA numbers to get into the MSFS program.

Generic graduate school programs don't care *as much* about your GPA since it doesn't always get reported or factored into school rankings. The website for the MSFS program doesn't even post an average GPA, and focuses entirely on the GRE for the incoming class. Georgetown's MBA program does report GPA numbers, and you're actually right at the median (see here).

Honestly, the big barrier here is going to be on the JD admissions side, just because of how much weight law schools put on undergrad GPA. A 3.33/170 gives you about 50/50 odds at best (assuming you can actually hit that 170). That doesn't mean you can't apply, but think about contingency plans.

Also, not to pry to much, but I'm not sure what value you're going to get out a dual-degree program. If I'm reading this right, you are aiming to have an MPA, and a JD, and a MSFS, or possibly a MBA. It's not clear to me what kind of career outcome your hoping for by layering all of these on top of each-other. You may want to narrow things down a bit unless you're planning to be some kind of public service / foreign envoy / part-time JAG / millionaire playboy.

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