UVA ED Chances?

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UVA ED Chances?

Post by kvovm » Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:30 am

2.2 GPA, 177 LSAT, VA resident, applying ED early in the admissions cycle, one-year early graduation, four congressional internships, working as a full-time legal assistant now and throughout my last year (taking evening classes), worked up to three part-time jobs at once during undergrad to put myself through school, founding president of an active conservative political club (hoping that maybe the political minority status at a DC school could work in my favor as long as I frame it as ideological diversity rather than political), one rec letter from a successful UVA undergrad alum, two rec letters from successful UVA law alums, and one from a professor, very strong PS about economic diversity and strength/perseverance through adversity (lost my whole family the day before I left for undergrad, suffered sexual trauma, and applied these experiences to my desire to be a lawyer without being exploitative). I'm applying straight out of undergrad primarily to defer loan payments.

but still... 2.2 GPA

I just know that UVA heavily values strong extracurriculars with strong academics, and I only have one of the two. I made the mistake of completely falling in love with the school and am just trying to avoid being completely irrational by applying!

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Re: UVA ED Chances?

Post by totesTheGoat » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:47 pm

I, uh, don't actually know how this'll turn out for you.

Just a few points:

1) they don't care about political/ideological diversity. They care about demographic diversity, because that's what gets publicized. Treat any political extracurricular the same as any other extracurricular, with one caveat. Law schools and law firms are generally quite progressive places. You may want to think about that when touting politically related activities. I say this as somebody who was the vice-president of my law school's FedSoc chapter. More often than not it doesn't even come up, but you're not gonna get any points for telegraphing that you're a politically active conservative.

2) Except for the GPA you have all the makings of an ideal UVA candidate. If you can in any way link some of your PS background to the poor grades, that may mitigate some of the GPA problem.

3) There are a few threads in the archive about extreme splitters trying to get into the T14. They're worth searching for and reading. It's not super predictable how your application cycle will go.

Best of luck!

EDIT: Make sure to write a compelling "Why UVA" essay.

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Re: UVA ED Chances?

Post by LSATWiz.com » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:05 pm

I think you have a decent chance given your LSAT. Nobody cares about your political affiliations and many students at UVA are conservative. I'd caution you from making it too big of a focus, but starting a club is an achievement albeit one that may carry limit value irrespective of political affiliation.

I think I'd focus your PS on the experience of overcoming adversity, and how it led you to want to be a lawyer. That sounds pretty interesting. I'd probably err away from using emotional language as the facts would likely be sufficiently emotional by themselves. If done well, this may mitigate the 2.2 to some degree as from a ranking standpoint, your 2.2 isn't anymore burdensome than a 3.2 from their perspective. It's just a question of the degree to which they feel your UGPA is indicative of LS performance.


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Re: UVA ED Chances?

Post by cdsmith » Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:32 pm

Anecdote: My brother got in with a 171 and a 2.5 early decision + solid work experience. Make sure your personal statement is stellar and you have a real shot.

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