Liberal Arts Grad 3.7x UGPA 172 LSAT T14($$$)?

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Liberal Arts Grad 3.7x UGPA 172 LSAT T14($$$)?

Post by Saxon513 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:52 pm


I am a graduate of a small liberal arts college in the Midwest with an economics degree. I'll be applying to law school with 2 years of work experience, in a fairly normal finance job.

At college, I had fairly regular softs. I was president of a microfinance organization, was in student government, member of the economics honor society and so on.

My question is, will a 172 LSAT with 3.7x UGPA be enough to get me admission, let alone any money from a lower T-14? I'm aiming for BigLaw and think that while I can count on my family to help finance, I don't believe I could stomach a $300000+ tab.


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Re: Liberal Arts Grad 3.7x UGPA 172 LSAT T14($$$)?

Post by QContinuum » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:23 pm

Given your overall applicant profile, assuming non-URM, you should perform closely in line with your stats.
Looks like you have a realistic shot at Harvard and a great shot at Chicago and down. Blanket the T13 and you should see at least a few half-tuition schollies. Notably, it doesn't look like you'd get significantly more money at the T20 (except maybe a bit more at WUSTL), so overall your best bet will probably be one of Michigan, Virginia, Duke, NW or Cornell.

But again, don't try to economize on application fees. Apply to every school from Harvard through Cornell, and optionally apply to a few T20s if you wish. Currently, Vandy and WUSTL have been particularly strong (Vandy's been outplacing Georgetown as of late, and Georgetown's also not exactly known to be generous on the financial front).

Also: Kudos on your 172 - very impressive!

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