Please advise - 1st year MBA hoping to add JD

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Please advise - 1st year MBA hoping to add JD

Post by Mbajdhopeful » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:21 pm

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some advice on whether or not it’s even worth applying given my GPA.

Age - 27 Male

Education Background
-B.S. in STEM field (3.0, immaturity/focus on sports) from top state school (Think UNC, UVA, University of Texas)
-M.S. in humanities field (3.86) from top non-ivy private school
-M.B.A. first year at Harvard/Stanford

Letters of Rec
2 Extremely Strong academic from a YLS and HLS grad.
1 Extremely strong work from nationally known CEO and Harvard alum

GMAT - 780
LSAT - 178

Undergrad Extracurricular Activity
-Varsity athlete (team captain)
-A few professional societies
-Fraternity with some minor leadership roles
-Active in local church

Post-Grad Extracurricular Activity
-Olympic trials/olympic alternate
-Youth sports coach
-Tutor to underprivileged kids
-Active in local church
-Served on two non-profit boards

Work Experience
Year 1- Development role at University. Raised 1 MM in scholarships (Focus was still on sports)
Years 2-3 Executive assistant to nationally known and respected President/CEO
Years 4-6 Founder & CEO of startup (just sold for 60MM)

Additional Work Experience
Co-Founder of medium sized cattle ranch (my co-founder now runs it full-time. I just helped in early stages)
Captain in the US Army Reserves

Any chance at Yale/Stanford/Harvard?


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Re: Please advise - 1st year MBA hoping to add JD

Post by QContinuum » Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:48 pm

While the data's limited, my sense is that it will be difficult given your 3.0. That said, I don't think "difficult" = "impossible" or "not worth trying." If you can spin your successful startup story and/or your Olympic alternate story into a compelling PS, Yale might even take you on - they are willing to dip pretty far from their usual numbers for applicants with compelling stories.

Perhaps a better question is why you want to do law school. Your personality type & experiences all seem to be a much better fit for a businessman/entrepreneur.


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Re: Please advise - 1st year MBA hoping to add JD

Post by Tommiahipp » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:06 am

Lol if anyone is going HYS with a 3.0 it's you.

Good luck.

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