How will this LSAT history affect my chances?

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How will this LSAT history affect my chances?

Post by UselessKnowledge » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:24 pm

My first post here after being a member for a little while! So I have taken the LSAT 3 times. First time in October of 2011. I scored 166. I knew I could do much better so I retook in June and got a lower score, then retook in October of this year and got the SAME lower score. I can't retake, so that's out. I was really upset when this happened because I was actually scoring in the low to mid 170s when I took this last time. But what's done is done, so I want to know how schools will view this. Will they take the 166 as an anomaly when really the last 2 scores are actually anomalies? I should mention I've been recovering from a really severe illness all year which affected my performance. Should I write an addendum? Do I just look like a total moron? If anyone has insight, let me know. Thanks.

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Re: How will this LSAT history affect my chances?

Post by Puffin » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:36 pm

Can't hurt to submit an addendum but it seems a bit unnecessary, all of the scores lie in pretty much the same band, and schools won't care about multiple retakes. TBH they only report the highest LSAT score for ranking purposes and thus don't put much weight, if any on retakes.

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