How important is it to go to ASW?

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Re: How important is it to go to ASW?

Post by dallinpackard » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:25 pm

38981928 wrote:
goldenbear2020 wrote:
dallinpackard wrote:Cost of attendance:
UT 145,000
UVA 125,000
Michigan 105,000
Would you be able to take out extra cost-of-living loans for your wife and child, or have to make do with a single student's COL? That may tilt your decision toward one location over another.
I think according to Reddit (a user had the same name) he has decided on Michigan because his wife is super hyped about living in Ann Arbor: ... as_spoken/
Goldenbear, I'm not sure... I'll definitely have to do some research and find out what our options will be.

Also, yes, that was me. We are very excited about Michigan and are definitely leaning heavily there, but we don't want to commit entirely before we have all of our options on the table (Still waiting from the rest of the T14, and UT's scholarship reconsideration).

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