Moving from legal services to in-house?

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Moving from legal services to in-house?

Post by Anonymous User » Thu Aug 20, 2020 4:47 pm

hi all,

i'm a NY attorney with 3 years lit experience interested in going in-house; however all of my litigation has been with legal services and i've never worked biglaw or midlaw. i have a ton of client experience, counseling experience, motions practice, in-court experience, etc., but i know some jobs and kinds of jobs are sticklers about wanting "firm" experience. do you know anyone/know of anyone who has moved from public interest litigation/direct services to in-house? if you've been in hiring for in-house positions, how does a public interest resume play for in-house apps?


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Re: Moving from legal services to in-house?

Post by viperv » Fri Aug 28, 2020 12:28 pm

It depends on what kind of in-house role you're looking for, and what your pay expectations are. General litigators without any biglaw experience will probably, in my experience, find fairly limited in-house opportunities (at least to begin with--once you have established in-house experience I think there are more options). Law school friends who went in-house from non-biglaw lit generally ended up working for insurance companies--the work sounds pretty soul sucking and the pay is pretty bad. One reason is I think insurance companies are always hiring, so those are the easiest jobs to move in to. Being in NY (NYC?) you probably have more options, though it would be easier if you could parlay your current experience into a biglaw gig for ~2 years before thinking about going in-house.

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