Unhappy with my new in-house job. What should I do?

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Unhappy with my new in-house job. What should I do?

Post by Anonymous User » Tue Nov 12, 2019 8:14 pm

I started at an in house job 4 months ago. The area of responsibility I was mostly interested in when I interviewed is non-existent (the hiring manager told me right before I started that they have decided to give that work to another group). The focus of my work is also different from what was told to me (they said I would do x/y type of work on an about 80/20 basis, and now it’s become into something reverse, which I don’t like).

I’ve been very frustrated with this and feeling very unmotivated with work. One part of me wants to apply for another job that lets me do the type of work I want, but I wonder if I should have a talk with my boss first since I really just started at this job. The risk of talking with my boss is tipping them off of my unhappiness and they may fire me (although unlikely), and I’m not sure what difference it would make because the work I wanted to do has gone to another group. But I feel like I should stick out at this job for at least a year, however unhappy I am. Any insight/advice is welcome!

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