Straight Ps at Berkeley - realistic bid list?

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Straight Ps at Berkeley - realistic bid list?

Post by cortadofan » Sat Jun 12, 2021 12:44 am

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I straight P'd my first year at Berkeley. Not looking to make excuses but FWIW, it's a mix of median-ish Ps & below-median Ps. So not "drop out & reconsider law school" bad but still pretty horrible for my goals (Big Law, corporate or tech trans).

I'm going to meet with counsellors, network, and so on, but does anyone have any advice on:

1) Making an appropriate bid list?
2) How to look for private sector jobs + when? (Should I just start mass mailing now??)

My dream firms would be Fenwick, MoFo, Skadden, etc. While I'd be happy at ANY Big Law firm, what concerns me is the "lower ranked" firms seem to have small class sizes & therefore aren't easier necessarily. Really concerned about striking out at OCI & would love any advice on making a strategic bid list


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Re: Straight Ps at Berkeley - realistic bid list?

Post by Langwist » Sun Jun 20, 2021 12:03 pm

Networking is going to be key I think. I am in the same year you are and my grades aren't as good as I'd like either.

I met with a Berkeley alum through the CDO who is a partner at a V25 firm and is mentoring me through OCI.

He told me even if I had straight P'd I'd be fine coming from Berk. He even said he'd help get me a job at his firm if I decided that is the right fit.

FWIW I have also talked to several 2Ls who were in your position who crushed OCI. More people are getting straight Ps than you realize. It is why the transcript says there are those who are above median with all Ps.

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