My June 2009 LSAT Practice Schedule

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My June 2009 LSAT Practice Schedule

Post by insidethetwenty » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:15 pm

My LSAT practice schedule for the June Test is as follows. I would love some critique from veterans of LSAT prep. Thanks in advance

Powerscore Bibles for LG/LR/RC
All 3 of the 10 Real LSAT's
All of the Single PT's from LSAC website

Month 1 (February 2-March 1)
Four days each week, 2.5 hours per day, except for Sundays when I will take PT's/Do whole sections

Weekly Circuit:

Day 1: Study LG Theory, Practice 3 Games, review the three games
Day 2: Study LR Theory, Practice 3-4 LR questions, review those questions
Day 3: Do 2 sections of RC, and review them
Sunday (Day 4): Do a section of each type, and review
Sunday, March 1: 5-part, Untimed Practice Test

Notes on Month 1:
Review will consist of looking at questions I got wrong, analyzing the causes, and putting a copy of the questions/games I missed in files according to their type, and why I missed them. I should be able to notice a pattern of weaknesses by the time I complete 4-5 tests worth of questions, and that should show me where I need to work the hardest during the2nd and 3rd months and beyond. I will also analyze the ones I got correct to look for good things that I did that I can continue to do as I progress. This will help me create my "mental playbook" for test day, so I'll have a defined process. I think it's important for me to tailor my test day strategies to my specific mental personality, and to have a system for answering questions that I built from the ground up. This way, I'm not trying to follow anybody else's n-step plan for success, I'm using my own system that I created.

Month 2 (March 2-April 5)
Same days, same times

Weekly Circuit:
Day 1: 2 LG sections, timed and review
Day 2: 2 LR sections, timed and review
Day 3: 2 RC sections, timed and review
Sunday (Day 4): 1 section of each, timed and review

Month 2 Notes:
This month will be devoted to establishing my timing. Furthermore, upon reviewing questions that I missed, I'll be able to see weakness patterns developing. I might make a couple of Sundays "weakness days", and just work the same types of questions as the types that I discover I'm missing in my weakness pattern analysis. I think somebody said that studying for the LSAT is about eliminating weaknesses and developing instincts, so that's what I'm really trying to establish here.

Month 3 and beyond(April 6-May 27) This "month" is long because I have finals one week and I need a week off after finals to regroup for the final push. I also start a summer internship on May 18.

Weekly Circuit:
Day 1(Sunday): 5-section timed Practice Test
Day 2: Review of Sunday's Test
Day 3: Review of Sunday's Test
Day 4: 1 Sec of each and Review (just to keep me sharp)

Month 3 notes:
This is where I try to build up the mental and intestinal fortitude needed to brave such an exhausting test. I might even tack on an extra section on one test just to build more endurance. 4th quarter and overtime, as my football coaches used to say. I will continue to review carefully with the same strategy. Hopefully by this time, I'll be able to be "in the zone". Every practice test will start at 12:30 and every Sunday will be a mock test day, which means I'll wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, run the same distance, etc. etc.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggested improvements?

Thanks again.


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Re: My June 2009 LSAT Practice Schedule

Post by ReesesPieces » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:18 pm

If you stick to that, you will be doing pretty well. The single biggest thing I did that improved my score was that going into the two weeks before the test, I switched to doing problems from a book that had only the hardest problems ever used in it. I think it was from Kaplan, but I can't remember the exact title. The day I went in to take the test, it seemed like the easiest thing I'd ever done since all I had been doing were the most challenging problems. I scored almost 20 points higher than I had in the last full practice test I had taken.


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Re: My June 2009 LSAT Practice Schedule

Post by Fo-Fi » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:36 pm

I'm taking the June exam, too and feel like I'm running out of time, as I admit I haven't done much practice or preparation. I have the 2008 Princ. Review book, the Princ. Review Workout book, the 2008 Barrons Review book right now. I plan to order the last ten LSATs and LSAT Super Prep today and get the Powerscore Bibles as well. I am not as organized as to when I am going to do what and how much time to devote to preparing, but I am lucky in that I have a job which allows me a good amount of time off and I am not in school right now. I also plan to take an LSAT course in May... My unorganized plan is just to practice, practice, practice and try to learn the techniques to conquering the questions so that they are solid in my head and I can work more quickly through them.

Good luck to you! It sounds like you are going to be really thorough and I bet you'll do great!

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Re: My June 2009 LSAT Practice Schedule

Post by jack123 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 1:14 pm

I just got kicked out so I am postign this again.

I went to ole miss too :) and my feb schedule looks sim.

1st month - lrb and lgb (slowly)
2nd month - daily 10 lr, 1 game, 1 rc ( I used kaplan mastery for this - explanations suck but the classification of easy-hard was good, after a while you really dont need explanations to figure out why you missed something - you will say "duh")- timed tests on weekends
3rd month - same daily but did the hardest problems (will finish with the last 4-5 pt)

--my suggestion is that you up the 3-4 lr daily in the first month to 8-10 -
--also I work full time, married, take night classes, volunteer, workout and golf with my buddies so this was all i could do with my commitments - if i was studying full time i would have done more

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