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Post by hope170+ » Sun Jun 30, 2024 1:38 pm


I have a clarifying question about lR weakening questions. I previously used the loophole book to understand the method I should be using to approach certain questions, and with the weakening question, the stronger the language, the better. However, in LSAT 29 question 16, I was down to two options, A and B, given that B used "some languages"--- weak language--- and there is no way to know whether the specific languages addressed in the stimulus would account in some languages, I picked A. Even though I thought B was a better answer, but because it said"some languages," I was hesitant to pick it. Also, I did not know what was wrong with A, since it was talking about them having a word for fish, which relates to the sea. However, my answer was wrong. I think the way I am approaching these kinds of questions is terrible. Can someone please explain/ or give me a breakdown of how they would have approached this question and what is wrong with my method? Is using the weak/ strong language method with certain questions a bad approach?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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