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Tutoring from a T14 Student with Multiple 170+ Official Scores (Crown LSAT)

Post by crownlsat » Sun Apr 28, 2024 10:45 am


I am a highly experienced LSAT tutor who currently is able to take on a few more students.

The LSAT is a difficult exam and you can use all the help you can get in your quest toward your goal score. Having increased roughly 25 points from where I started to get multiple 170+ official scores, I believe I can be an incredible asset to you. I got into multiple T14 law schools and have 5 years of tutoring the LSAT. Students regularly switch over from the largest LSAT tutoring companies due to the extremely high quality of my instruction.

Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension where I have helped others the most in a tutoring capacity. I get quite specific and drill down on every question/passage you bring before me. Lessons are by Zoom or phone and you can send me the questions beforehand which we will go over in as much depth as needed to get you to understand what you need to know. Else, I will structure a lesson for you.

Good luck and feel free to check out my website (crownlsat.com) or email me at crownlsat@gmail.com for further questions.


Crown LSAT

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