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Affordable 1 on 1 LSAT Tutor?

Post by solenne26 » Wed Feb 08, 2023 3:24 pm

Hey y'all.

I am looking for affordable, 1 on 1 LSAT tutoring. Everything I find is either a class which I don't think would be helpful for me, or is incredibly expensive. I don't have much to spend, my budget would be max $50/hr.

I scored a 160 on my April LSAT last year after studying with Khan Academy for about a week. I was told if I actually studied hard, I could score 170+. I'm not sure if that is realistic, but it's worth a try because I want to go to a TLS and my GPA isn't high enough so I need a high LSAT score to balance that out.

I am signed up for the 2023 April LSAT so I would need tutoring from now until then.

Let me know if anyone has any recs. Thank you so much !!!!

Also open to free resources or any books / etc I should look into to bring my 160 up.

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