BREAKING NEWS: August LSAT-Flex + Score Preview

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BREAKING NEWS: August LSAT-Flex + Score Preview

Post by DKilloranPowerScore » Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:16 pm

LSAC will shortly announce some major test-related developments:

The August LSAT will use the LSAT-Flex format

Exams will be administered starting Saturday, August 29th, and most tests will be administered on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Score release is being targeted for Friday, September 18th, at 9 AM Eastern.

There will be a score preview option for first time test takers only

If you are taking the LSAT for the first time, you can get a score preview option (just like July of last year). Cost is $45 if you buy before the test, $75 after the first day of the test. Your score comes out with everyone else's score, and then you can decide to keep or cancel over the following 6 calendar days.

LSAT Writing is again required for score release

When LSAC had problems with the administration of LSAT Writing, they dropped the requirement that you needed one on file to have your score released. That requirement is now being reinstated (apparently due to requests from law schools). So, to get your score for the August LSAT or later, you *must* have an LSAT Writing response on file. LSAT Writing will open up 8 days before each LSAT.

Interesting news for sure, especially the score preview being limited to first-timers only, and the reinstatement of LSAT writing as a requirement to get your score (and to have your scores released to schools).

Let me know what you think!

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