best resources to break into 170s?

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best resources to break into 170s?

Post by t14orbust22 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:07 pm

I took the LSAT in 2019 and while i'd been consistently PTing in the high 160s/low 170s on my actual test day I scored 164. I was highly disappointed in myself as I'd put hundreds of hours of study in and I finally thought I'd break into the 170s on the actual test and write my ticket to a t14 law school.

I took the 7sage course and found it helpful, but I realized I'd been using the same recycled PT questions over and over, and that must've accounted for the differences in PTs versus the actual test (id subconsciously memorized the answers, or at least memorized the way to get to them). I took a year break to hopefully forget all of that and start anew.

Long story short, does anyone have any recommendations for getting into the 170s other than just PTing like crazy? Is 7sage still the most recommended LSAT study course? Also do they have resources that allow you to practice the new computer-administered LSAT? I'm only familiar with pencil and paper.


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Re: best resources to break into 170s?

Post by BrainsyK » Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:56 pm

I would not PT like crazy. Above the mid 160s, I think that most people who aren't brilliant (as in didn't start in at least the high 150s) are really into refinement territory. It's about taking every minor, obscure, and hard-to-master skill to the next level because as demonstrate by yours and most people's real and PT scores, very few people rise to the occasion. Most people fall back to their training on their worst day so every part of your game has to be as strong as you can get it because most test days will explore every part of your skill set, and the only way to improve is to improve your average game. That's why you rarely hear about people jumping 10 or 20 points at once.

For instance, I was constantly managing how many words I'd have to read into an LR answer before I chucked it. The LSAT is a very literal test, and there are very concrete ways to eliminate answers if you know the stimulus well and how answers are written well enough. Something else might be to make really shitty or obscure inferences to LGs that aren't in most explanations and try to brute force my way through LGs that I've already done with only those inferences. On test day, you won't always get the perfect inference that the test makers wanted you to find so you'll have to get used to working with scraps. For RC, I read a lot hard science materials outside of the LSAT every morning. At least 5,000 words worth, and I'd mark them up like I'd mark up an RC passage, and think about how I would write a question to trick someone else.

I would start with owning every test. I think that everyone should read and understand the approaches in the LSAT Trainer, Manhattan LSAT books, and the LG Bible. Again, you may not use all of them, but you should probably be incorporating some of them into skill set. If you can get your hands on those Cambridge LSAT LR questions sorted by type, that would be great but not expected as they run for like $500 bucks on Amazon since they went out of print. The next best thing would be Manhattan LSAT's 10 PTs sorted by type. You can find hard RC materials on Scientific American or the Economist. Just go look up the most brutally difficult headline that you can find and don't go easy on yourself. Try to read it and really figure out as fast as possible what it's about.


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Re: best resources to break into 170s?

Post by HopefulSplitter0000 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:39 pm

t14orbust22 wrote:
Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:07 pm
Long story short, does anyone have any recommendations for getting into the 170s other than just PTing like crazy?
Can you be more specific? Which section(s) did you lose points on?


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Re: best resources to break into 170s?

Post by lawhopeful341 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:04 am

I love 7Sage and wish I would have started my prep with it, rather than add it in at the end. I don't think there's a better course because it has the great explanation videos and analytical tools. I think if you use it to its full capacity - take advantage of the 95+ PrepTests, make problem sets for difficult questions, and watch the videos/passage analyses - then you should see improvement.

I had a similar experience to yours where I underperformed my PT average on test day. I signed up for 7Sage soon afterward, did their entire course despite already knowing most of the material, and then saw a HUGE gain in my performance. I went from 160-165 to 170+ seemingly overnight I think because it gave me better confidence and comfort with the test overall. I eventually got a 173 on my second attempt.

Outside of test prep, I highly recommend making a habit of reading dense material every day. Subscribe to The Economist, reduce television watching, and read for pleasure. I recommend books like Anna Karenina, Crime and Punishment, Elena Ferrante, and Jane Austen. Your reading speed/comprehension should improve. Good luck!

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