Protip: Logic Games Rules Edition

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Protip: Logic Games Rules Edition

Post by Blueprint LSAT » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:26 pm

In the long quest to perfect logic games it is important to be able to parse rules on the fly. Not everything will be something you have seen before. That being said, there are a few types of rule that aren't super common but having familiarity with them can save you some time. In that spirit I figured I'd highlight a few rare but repeated rule-types from time to time. I'm going to start with what I like to call "Never the Filling!"

This type of rule comes up in ordering games where all your variables are used exactly once and there are no ties. It will look something like this:

Alfred arrives before Brad or Alfred arrives after Caitlyn but not both.

Remember that "or" on the LSAT is generally inclusive (can have both) unless specified like it is here.

So the "or" portion of the rule tells us we need to have one or the other of these orders happen (so we can't have neither of them.) The but not both tells us we can't have both of them happen.

Both would look like this: A before B and A after C so: C - A - B
Neither would look like this: A after B and A before C: B - A - C

So basically A cannot be in between B and C. It cannot be the filling in the sandwich.

That means A must either be before both B and C or after both B and C. Depending on the other rules you may be able to make two quick ordering chains and get through the questions pretty quickly.

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