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LSAT Improvement

Post by Thegameisup117 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:37 pm

I've been PT'ing for a while and think I've reached a (hopefully temporary) plateau. I'm at -2-3 for LR, and am looking for ways to nail the last few questions for these sections. For LR I'll usually make one careless error per section, and then for the other two overthink the answer and get it wrong (generally on strengthen/weaken type questions). Any tips on how to break this habit? Currently PT'ing around 175-177, and hope to get to 178-180 consistently. I have been using PowerScore Bible but still seem to have this issue. Thanks!

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Re: LSAT Improvement

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Which question types and question #'s are you getting wrong?

If you are getting anything wrong pre-Question 15 with that score, it is either a really sloppy mistake or indicative you need to target a specific question type.

Another note is that one of the critical steps to getting a score in the mid-170s is to get the first 15 LR questions correct in approximately 15 minutes to save yourself 2 minutes per question for the more difficult questions that show up 16-25. There are some questions that are designed to take 2-3 minutes to solve even for those who have mastered the test.

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