What is the best way to review LG for beginners?

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What is the best way to review LG for beginners?

Post by dleh090law » Thu Apr 04, 2019 3:03 am

Hi guys :D , I'm a beginner for LG learning. So far, my learning strategy for LG is:

Section A: Bible
1 Read the LG bible (at medium speed, since the Bible sometimes rambles too much)
2 Finish the drill in each chapter of the LG Bible (not the Bible workbook)
3 After I finish a chapter of the LG bible, I will finish the first half of the corresponding chapter of Cambridge LG by type and leave the other half for future

After finishing the whole LG bible, I plan to move on to the Manhattan
Section B: Manhattan
1 read the Manhattan LG
2 And after each chapter of the Manhattan LG, I will finish the other half of the corresponding chapter of the Cambridge LG

Section C: PTs

At the moment, I'm learning Basic Linear Game and face difficulty at the Third step of Section A, i.e. Cambridge LG by type. I finish 4 Games at a time and then review them. Since I just start learning LG, I do not do those Games in a timed way but keep track of time spent on each game and each question.

The problem is how should I review those Games. When I finish 4 Games and start to review them, I find it's hard to remember the details of how I attacked the first game, even with the help of my scratch paper. I've read a few posts about reviewing LG and understand that redoing those Games is a powerful way. Should I just redo the first game? Or should I finish one game at a time and review it immediately?

And I wish somebody could give me some suggestions on my learning strategy. Any help is appreciated! Thanks! :D

Blueprint LSAT
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Re: What is the best way to review LG for beginners?

Post by Blueprint LSAT » Thu Apr 04, 2019 12:05 pm

It sounds like your basic strategy (learn a method for each type of game and then drill it) is sound.

If you are having trouble remembering how you attacked a game, though, maybe you aren't taking enough notes? I generally recommend that my students be pretty meticulous in how they diagram the rules. By the end you will have at least your base setup and a few deductions plus likely a few question-specific hypotheticals drawn out.

If that isn't enough to jog your memory about how you attacked the game you could probably also be using your notes more efficiently. Even if you generally have sloppy/disorganized note-taking IRL (I know I do) you need to learn to be clean, organized, efficient and most importantly consistent on LG, especially if you are having issues remembering what you just did. If you can't look back on your notes and know exactly what you are telling yourself you are probably losing points within games too. Make sure you have a specific way you diagram each type of rule and conventions for how you improvise if a game is weird. Do everything the same way every time. I tell students they can't trust "five minutes from now" them to have any idea what they were thinking unless they do. It sounds like that is a particular issue in your case so start practicing now :)

Andrew McDonald, Blueprint Instructor.

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