Improving High LSAT Score

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Improving High LSAT Score

Post by TrashSplitter » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:14 pm

I'm registered for both the July and September LSATs, but my goal is to get the score I need on the July test so I can apply the first day apps are out in September, or at least by mid-September. As my username indicates, I will need to be a splitter to get into a T14 school as is my goal. I have a 3.29 LSAC GPA from a pretty garbage school. I previously took the LSAT while in college about 7 years ago and received a 162 after PTing in the low to mid 170s. I took a cold diag in Mid-May when I decided I wanted to go to law school again and it was a 160. My two worst sections being Reading Comp and Logical Games. I got a -8 and a -6 respectively on those sections.

Fast forward and my last four practice tests have been 169, 173, 171, and 174 after buckling down and doing a lot of practicing with RC and LG sections. I have been using the LSATMax course combined with PTs and test sections. LSATMax in particular has improved my LR considerably, which has boosted the other sections. My latest PT with a 174, I got -3 overall on LR, -3 on RC and -3 on LG. For LG, usually there is one game on a section that just beats me. On RC, similar deal: Usually the science passage beats me up, especially if it is one of the more difficult passages (on an RC with an easy science passage, I'm usually -1 or -2).

Heading into the July test, I'm worried about two things: Repeating my previous performance in 2011 (which was, admittedly, after only a month and a half or so of light prep) and just goofing up on test day. Also, the fact I'm still missing three or so on LG tells me I have significant room for improvement as there is no reason to miss questions there. Aside from LG, I really don't feel like I'm getting much out of reviewing individual question types at this point and it might even be counterproductive as I might get rusty on other types of questions. Same with doing individual sections: As we get closer to test day, the only reason I think there is to do individual sections at this point is due to a lack of time to do a PT, but I have lots of time right now as I'm in between jobs at the moment (I lined one up so I could just do LSAT Prep for a whole month in between).

Bottom line: With an overall relatively balanced score, should I just keep doing practice tests?

I honestly like doing the prep as it seems to be improving my overall critical reasoning, wit, and I just feel like I'm smarter again after years of working in a field that has not challenged my mind in the slightest, so I'm not particular afraid of burnout. If anything, it's increasing my mental energy at this point. Taking the LSAT RC diag and getting a -8 was highly disappointing to me as I had been an excellent reader, so recovering these skills just feels overall useful regardless of my future in law school.

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