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LSAT Study Buddy

Post by Mr.Esquire » Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:48 pm

Looking for a Study Partner.

My Goals:

Take the June 2014 Sitting.
Score 175+

Need from a partner:
Someone with similar goals, although if you are aiming for a lower score that is fine, as long as its above 170.
Someone that is well into their preparation.
Dependable and looking for a partner as well.
I want a partner not so much for the accountability factor, but just to be able to brainstorm together or help each other out on weaknesses.
Communication over email or Skype.
No set schedule or amount of times to talk, but like I said someone that wants a partner as well and wants to get the most out of the experience of having a partner.

PM me if your interested.

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