LSAT 150, Feb 2013?

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LSAT 150, Feb 2013?

Post by blindrage606 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:11 pm

Hello all-- As a quick backstory, I studied for a structured time via the forums methods with about 15PTs(at a 160-165 range) and constant drilling for 2 months. I took the June 2012 LSAT and totally choked/panic, nulled my score. I was so MAD at myself for feeling like I wasted that much time, and that I basically turned into a hermit for 2 months to study only to cancel my score.

So in a drunken stuppor and delirious chance at redemption(a consistant pattern in my academic career) , I registered for the Dec LSAT and took it cold turkey, no PTs and no looking at the LSAT since June. I scored a 150. Also, as a side note; I guessed on the last 5 of every section.

SO. Can I raise my score for the FEB 2013 LSAT, in order to meet my desired school deadline of March 31st?

I was a biochemistry major in undergrad w/a 2.81 LSAC, but a transcript of 3.2GPA. Would be considered URM. I'm also in a MBA program at the moment. I understand that I cannot take the LSAT again for another 2 year period but I'm OK with that.

I really can't talk to other people about it since they have no background in such endeavors, so words of advice?

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Re: LSAT 150, Feb 2013?

Post by boblawlob » Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:34 pm

If you only have 1 take left, I suggest you take it earliest in June. Don't waste your URM status and your third take with only 1 month of prep. You may have PTed in the 160s, but if you want top dawg status you have to take your prep very seriously and have absolutely no outliers (ok, maybe 1 is fine).

Don't waste your 3rd time on 1 month's notice.


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Re: LSAT 150, Feb 2013?

Post by jared6180 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:17 am

I would let it ride until June. I AM letting mine run out to June. I got a 146 in December and my first reaction was RETAKE! Then I took 15 minutes to really think through it, and 1 month is simply not enough time to confidently retake KNOWING you will get 160+ and I sincerely believe you will KNOW the difference between a 150 and a 165 when you take the test. I have read over and over on this board that almost everyone will perform BELOW their PT average. YES, some will do better but that is generally rare.

I am taking a prep class, and doing one PT/week until the June LSAT, but I am aiming much higher than 160.

One thing you have to understand though is that with a 2.81/150, URM might help, but not enough to make Law School, a Tier 1 law school, worth attending...

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Re: LSAT 150, Feb 2013?

Post by Nova » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:19 am

You should retake in June and apply in August.
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Re: LSAT 150, Feb 2013?

Post by suralin » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:22 am

Nova wrote:You should to retake in June and apply in August.

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