LG Preptest 59 Section 1 Questions 11-16

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LG Preptest 59 Section 1 Questions 11-16

Post by e_mac7 » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:27 am

If anyone has access to the same preptest number 59, I cannot for the life of me figure out the second game (questions 11-16). I've gotten better at games and can figure out most of them, but this one just stumped me. If you could please explain it to me that would be great.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: LG Preptest 59 Section 1 Questions 11-16

Post by bchirco » Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:49 pm

Hey E_MAC7,

I'm not sure which part you are having trouble with, but once you make your inferences this problem is cake. The rules state the following:

1. ~R->J
2. M->~J
3. S9->~W
4. P ->S9 * ~S3pm (each class once)
5. G v W * ~(G * W)

From this we get the following inferences:

If we take the contrapositive of rule 2 we get J->~M.
If we combine that with the first rule we get ~R->~M, the contrapositive of this is M->R.
For rule 3 and 4 we can determine that P->~W and if we combine this with rule 5 we can determine P->G (since it is either G or W and P gives us ~W).

So our inferences and rules combined are:
1. ~R->J
2. M->~J
3. M->R
4. S9->~W
5. P ->S9
6. P -> G
7. G v W * ~(G * W)

Does this help?

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Re: LG Preptest 59 Section 1 Questions 11-16

Post by boblawlob » Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:29 pm

The basics of this game is that she has to take 4 courses and you know that 2 of the courses is at least 1 language and either (G/WH). So 2 spots are open.

11. Process of elimination pretty much

12. Process of elimination (play with the rules to figure out the 4th course)
a. both g and WH? Wrong
b. japanese forces macro out...wrong
c. psychology forces S9 but S9 forces WH out...wrong
d. see c
e. right answer

13. For this one, we know that 2 of the courses must be at least 1 language and either (G/WH). They already tell us Alicia takes Russian, but this doesn't rule Japanese out. So now what? We find the variable that is linked to the most conditionals as the starter point: Psychology. Let's play with it.

Psychology in, forces S9 in, Forcing WH out, which forces G in.

C is the answer.

Tip for these questions is just to pick the variable that is linked to the most conditional statements before moving on to other answer choices. This will help you move through the answer choices very quickly.

14. Now we know WH and Psychology affects the time of Statistics. So B, C, D, and E are automatically wrong. So that leaves us with A.

Tip in getting this question right is just being acutely aware of the rules.

15. This just involves playing with the rules.

She takes S3 and G. So that means S9 and WH is out. Because S9 is out, P is out.

So 2 spots are taken (S3 and G) and 2 spots are open. 3 variables are left: R, J, and M. J & M are linked together and choosing one eliminated the other (at most of the 2 can be picked). So that leaves R as the one that MUST be picked: (D).

Key is just playing around with the rules.

Just know this:

-R -> J
-J -> R

This means at least 1 of the two variables is picked. So both can be picked too. But not having either picked would violate the rules.

M -> -J
J -> -M

This means at most 1 of the variables is picked. So neither could be picked too. But having both picked would violate the rules.

16. This is just process of elimination like question #11 so it shouldn't be too hard.
B. Missing a language. eliminate
C. psychology in, where's statistics???!??
D. Geo and WH together? Nope.
E. See D
A. is the answer.

Hope this helps.

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