Not freaking out on one bad practice test

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Not freaking out on one bad practice test

Post by jordizc » Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:13 pm

Any advice on not freaking out when you get a prep test score a few points lower than what you've been testing at? With just a week till the test, and my GPA being low enough that the LSAT is kinda going to make or break getting into a t-14 (gpa=3.0), I'm kinda taking this more serious than I probably should.
Also, on an unrelated note, how important is testing during the same time of day the lsat will actually be?
and finally, does anyone believe that it'll be easier to get into good law schools this year than previously? (trying to find reasons not to freak out)


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Re: Not freaking out on one bad practice test

Post by square_peg » Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:32 pm

Well, I guess that all I can say is that everyone has an off-day. Look back over your test and consider why you underperformed. Were you rushing through the sections and not reading the questions and choices carefully? (That's what happened to me.) Did you stumble on a logic game? Were you thinking about your hot date that evening and unable to focus? Did you run out of time on one or more sections? Go over which questions were the most time consuming and why they took so long. Or maybe you've just been overworking yourself and need a day off. Before you begin to panic, take another practice exam and see if you're back on track.

At this point, I'm making an effort to do at least a couple of practice tests in the morning, especially because I'm not normally a morning person. I don't think this is absolutely crucial, but you should probably try at least once to go through all the motions before the morning of the LSAT. (Wake up at a reasonable hour, go through your morning rituals, eat a good breakfast, etc. maybe go to the library or another less familiar location, and take your practice exam at 9 or 9:30.)

I can't say whether or not law school admissions will be easier than previous years for you personally, but the general consensus is that there will be fewer applicants.

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