Mid 160s to mid-low 170s?

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Mid 160s to mid-low 170s?

Post by unitedfrutopia » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:45 am

Hey all. I'm trying to improve my LSAT score and wondering if anyone in a similar situation had any insights. After about two weeks of half assed studying, I took a proctored preptest and got a 163. This was the one from June 2007 with the brutal -6 curve, and I hadn't slept at all the night before. But it was not a truly "cold" diagnostic. After that I stopped studying for a couple of months, because I did not want to exhaust all of the available preptests before the June LSAT.

I do really well on the LR sections. On a bad day I might miss three or four on a logical reasoning section, but -1 or -2 is more typical. Once in a blue moon I will answer all 25-26 questions correctly. I have not really bothered to study any techniques for these sections, since I think there is little room for meaningful improvement, but I have found that I do better if it is not the first LR section I've looked at that day.

On reading comp I miss anywhere from two to five questions. It is mostly a matter of being able to read the passages fast enough without missing anything. I've also heard that studying for this section is largely a waste of time.

Back when I took the proctored prep test I was missing anywhere from 12 to 13 questions on the games section. After some practice I've reduced that number to 6-8, but occasionally I will really bomb a games section.

I hope to get at least a 170, but obviously I want to score as high as I can. I only had a 3.53 UGPA so I need to do really well to have a shot at the t14. On a really good day, if all of the stars align (forgiving curve, relatively easy games section, few stupid mistakes on the other sections) I am already there. More often, however, I'm scoring in the mid-high 160s. I'm broke and my parents will not pay for a course, also most of the progress I've made so far has come more from practice than studying techniques. Anyone have any advice? Will I continue to improve or have I reached a wall?

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Re: Mid 160s to mid-low 170s?

Post by Adjudicator » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:52 am

Nobody can tell you whether or not you have the potential to improve. However, there is no need for an expensive course. I improved from a 164 to a 175 on retaking, solely by self-study. I worked through the LR Bible and LG Bible by Powerscore, and took the most recent 20 PrepTests. I also drilled the LG sections from earlier tests.

For me, improving from 164 to 175 was largely a matter of tightening up my LG sections. However, I did learn a few things from the LR Bible that helped me only miss 2 of them on the October 2010 test.

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