Experimental LR - celebrity opinions?

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Experimental LR - celebrity opinions?

Post by snappysnapper » Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:34 pm

Hi all, I had a LR LR RC LR LG test, and am praying that the first LR is experimental as I ran out of time towards the end of it, and generally felt weird and unsure about the answer. Unfortunately I barely remember what was in that first section as it's all blended together now... I've been reading the threads about other people with this sequence and they had questions about Kafka and Epicurus and such that I didn't, so apparently there's more than one decoy LR?

I do remember though one of the questions for the 2nd LR section that I'm hoping is real. It's about the influence of celebrity opinions and was towards the beginning of the section. Please someone who had an experimental LG or RC tell me this sounds familiar! :?


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