Help me with my study plan

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Help me with my study plan

Post by Mellojello7 » Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:52 pm

So I've taken the LSAT twice. First score was higher than the retake. Went ahead and applied anyway. Getting a ton of waitlists so now I'm thinking of retaking in June. Obviously I want to start studying again soon.

My problem has always been LG. I'm going to start on with the LG Bible and go through that thing from cover to cover. RC has always been hit or miss. Sometimes I'd miss 12-13 and sometimes I'd miss 4-5. LR is my strongest (relatively speaking) with a consistent miss of 4-5 each section. My question is how should I focus my studying. I'm thinking...

February: LG bible
March: more LG bible and start RC (RC bible maybe? idk what to use)
April: LG, RC, start on LR bible
May: Practice tests.
June: Success haha

Also, I used only Kaplan material the first time around b/c I was taking a Kaplan course. Should I try to forget everything they taught and just start over with the powerscore bibles?

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