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International Student (Questions About Studying Law At The USA)

Post by FacuGAA » Mon Jun 13, 2022 7:28 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm a student from Argentina, hoping to study Law at the USA. Although I've been doing some research, I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding how law school works in the United States, and I wanted to ask a few questions to anyone who can answer them, to guide me.

1) What major should I study before applying to a Law School? Should I study the major in my country, or should I apply to a University in the USA and study it there?
2) I have a 9,6/10 average or 96% from High School, does that mean my GPA is a 4.0 Unweighted? If so, is this enough to apply at a University/Law School, in addition to the SAT and LSAT?
3) Do Law Schools offer financial aid or scholarships for international students? (It would be impossible for me to pay one) If so, could you recommend me some of them?
4) As an International Student (Having studied at the USA), can I sit for the Bar Exam and practice law if I pass?
5) My intention is to reside in the United States and make my life there once I complete my studies. When I graduate from Law School, am I somehow guaranteed Visas, Green Cards, or documents to be able to stay?
6) Last but not least, I still have a long way to go, what advice could you give me and what things to avoid doing to make it easier for me to reach my goal?

Thank you very much for reading, any response is appreciated, and additional comments or advice are welcome!

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