Great Room for Rent in University City - PM Me if Interested

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Great Room for Rent in University City - PM Me if Interested

Post by morka » Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:05 pm

Hi All. Congrats on getting into Penn Law! I am graduating from Penn Law this year and am trying to help my roommate find someone to move in. The room that's available would be between $500-550/month depending on whether the rental agency decides to raise the rental price. Utilities are an extra $80-$100 (heat, electricity, comcast). The apartment itself has two bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths (you would have your own 1/2 bath and house shares large bathroom), renovated kitchen, big living room, and coin operated laundry on-site. House is located on Spruce Street and is close to the 42 bus, 21 bus, and 34 trolley lines. If you want to walk to school, it's a twenty-minute walk; biking would be closer to 8 minutes. The neighborhood is safe and many students live in the area. Local 44 (great bar), Tampopo, the Pop Shop, and Honest Toms are right around the corner. There is a CVS three blocks away.

Just some information about the roommate you'll be sharing space with. He is an undergrad student at Drexel, very laid back, and respectful of personal space. He's a former marine which is cool. He also interned at the DA's office this past year and is considering law school himself. My law school friends love him because he's awesome. This is not a roommate you'll have issues with.

PM me if interested.

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