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Help! Research paper-Comparative Law

Post by VeraEpang » Wed Aug 16, 2023 7:50 am

Hello fellow Law students, I'm currently doing a research paper regarding Animal Law. Specifically my subject area is companion animals on block of flats and what's the legal framework in different countries regarding the relations between the owners of pets and the other inhabitants of the flat. What I'm struggling with is that I can't find the Laws(if there are any) that apply to each country regarding this specific topic: Imagine that you have a neighbor that lives in the same block of flats as you and he has a dog. But he allows the dog roaming free in the shared areas of the flat, such as the garden, the terrace etc. and on top of that there are dog faeces everywhere in these areas or the dog creates a nuisance while it roams free etc.
What I'm asking is, if there's a Law an article, anything that settles this matter? (No matter what country you're from, how would you resolve that matter?Does your country's legal system resolves these matters through discrete articles about animals in flats or through the already established civil law/neigbor law etc).
Thanks in advance! :D

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