Foreign Attorney and Current JD Taking the Bar

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Foreign Attorney and Current JD Taking the Bar

Post by Anonymous User » Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:09 pm

Hello! I am a current JD student. I also have a first law degree from a country in Europe. I was planning to take another bar all along, but my employer asked me last minute whether I could take the NY Bar. I have been trying to determine the requirements of the NY bar and I seem to fulfill all the requirements for the Rule 520.3 path (skills requirement, 50 pro bono hours, etc.). Does anyone know if I am required to go through the Foreign Evaluation Form process if I intend to apply pursuant to Rule 520.3? I am very concerned since the period to complete that Form and submit the documentation has already expired. It is extremely hard to find information for people who are pursuing a JD, as opposed to a LLM. Any help is appreciated!

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