Character and Fitness Question Please Help!

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Character and Fitness Question Please Help!

Post by Anonymous User » Mon Nov 30, 2020 3:36 pm

Question about Law School Discipline for C+F. Long story short, during my 2L year, I lost my wallet on the way to school and it was returned to campus where whomever handles the lost and found, found what they identified to be adderall in the wallet. I had an informal meeting with the office of students rights and responsibilities, told them it wasn't mine, provided them with the prescription for the medicine I do have that is not adderall, and was warned and told to complete an online drug module. In the decision letter they said they made the decision because they believed I was being honest but the pills weren't attributed to anyone. Did the module, eventually had the warning/incident expunged from my student disciplinary record. I am going to disclose. Do I need to consult an attorney? Is this going to keep me from passing?


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Re: C+F concern; Law School Discipline

Post by Lawman1865 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:26 pm

I would be really really shocked if this stopped you from being barred. Unless there are serious crimes, it is mostly an exercise in proper disclosure. As far as what you should do, generally, it's always better to disclose, plus the circumstances seem to be in your favor considering all the context. That being said, it was "expunged" from your record so assuming the school isn't reporting this, I don't know where they would find this out. I would read the prompt very carefully.

If you are fine disclosing it though, go for it, and if you have the money for a C&F attorney, I'm sure they can let you know 1) whether this needs to be disclosed and if so, 2) how to write it out. Good luck.

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