New York Bar Association Sticks to Online Exam Plans

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New York Bar Association Sticks to Online Exam Plans

Post by tlsadmin3 » Wed Aug 26, 2020 12:24 pm

The NYSBA participated in a call that was supposed to provide comfort to those that are advocating for emergency diploma privilege, that the online exam will not be an epic disaster. In a letter to representatives of the New York State Law Graduate Coalition & United for Diploma privlege New York, NYSBA responded with his takeaway from the meeting, the letter was 6 paragraphs long.

Here is a paragraph from that letter:
As I said during our discussion, I feel very strongly that the chaos created by the virus cannot be allowed to undermine the vital protections of the public interest provided by ensuring that lawyers licensed in New York are competent to serve. This is particularly important for clients who are members of vulnerable communities and have little or no familiarity with the reputations of lawyers and law firms. These clients rely on the license as proof of an attorney’s competence and ability to represent them fully and fairly.
Do you think an online exam is better than diploma privlege?

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