Foreign LLM NY bar retaker that withdrew

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Foreign LLM NY bar retaker that withdrew

Post by » Fri Jul 03, 2020 5:18 pm

Are there any LLMs in this group? I got my LLM degree in 2011 and took the NY exam in February 2014 and failed. I applied for the July 2015 exam but was in the thick working out my immigration application to the US and was pregnant with my 1st child that I didn't feel confident enough with my focus and study schedule. I decided to withdraw. My failure and that choice has haunted me very deeply but now I am in a position to move on and ready to retake the NY bar.

Unfortunately life can throw us a wrench sometimes and the pandemic hit. So as a retaker I can't sit for the NY bar this September. Wanted to get some advice if I should apply for the Feb 2021 NY bar exams or if I should look at other states that will approve my application based on my LLM.

On another note, for LLM retakers, would also appreciate what course you took the 2nd (or nth time around you took the bar exam). I used barbri during my 1st try. Any other supplemental materials that are worth investing in?

Many thanks.

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