Tips for Bar Exam Prep (from someone who has passed 4)

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Tips for Bar Exam Prep (from someone who has passed 4)

Post by Wobble » Sat Jun 27, 2020 11:56 am

Hi all,

What a throwback to be posting on TLS! TLS was a indispensable resource for me during law school. I give the guides I found on here for approaching law school major credit for every good grade I ever received.

I was almost entirely a lurker on here during law school, though, and I've always wanted to somehow give back to the TLS community. I feel my law school advice would be redundant of what's out there, so posting something about that never felt like a promising avenue.

It occurred to me recently, however, that I could perhaps share some hopefully helpful advice about approaching bar exams. I've (almost entirely) self-studied for four bar exams (CA, FL, UBE, and another state) with quite limited study time and passed each on the first try. On a related note, I realize that information alone could make me identifiable, but I kindly ask that you kindly respect my desire to remain anonymous online. My real life identity doesn't have any significance, but I prefer to be anonymous.

I recently launched a personal blog and discuss my tips for taking the bar exam in detail there: . But I wanted to post here in case there's anything I can elaborate on or anything else I could share that might be helpful to people--please feel free to ask me anything. I know the bar exam can be intimidating, but I want to assure you that you can and will pass, no matter how you feel about it right now! And if for some reason you do not pass on your next try, I assure you it's not the end of anything. I am sure all of you have splendid things ahead of you irrespective of whatever happens with the bar exam.

Hopefully this isn't strange.. if there's anything helpful I can share, shoot away! Good luck to all!

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