Taking the bar again in NY

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Taking the bar again in NY

Post by RJgoodmen » Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:49 pm

Hey I wanted someone’s advice or maybe someone is in the same situation I am and can let me know that they’re doing. I just saw on the NY bar examiners website that I have only 4 days to register to be allowed to retake the NY bar exam in September. I failed my first time a year ago and did not take it in this past February. I already have a course so that’s an issue. A good friend of mine who had also failed While using Barbri loved Marino bar review and recommended it so I am signed up for their retaker course. They have been very nice and let me know they will help customize a study plan for me as soon as I decide for sure when I am going to take the exam. I also am planning to use Adaptibar to help with my MBE issues which I know are a problem. I have heard good things about them. My question is, should I try to take the exam in September or wait until the next February exam? I would think that the extra time would only help me prepare plus there seems to be a lot of uncertainty about September still that makes me very nervous. On the other hand, the sooner I pass, the sooner I get admitted and I am pretty sure there is a decent legal job waiting for me at that point. So I’m confused about what to do now

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